Paint the Nursery Room Colors

A baby is learning all about the world in his or her first few months of existence. The nursery room is therefore very important as a baby spends a lot of time in this specific room sleeping and playing. Before a baby is born, it is important to understand different colors and choose the best colors for the baby. Here are a few nursery colors that are said to produce a positive effect:


Yellow is associated with sunlight and happiness. It can create a feeling of brightness when the room would otherwise be dark. However, studies have show that too bright and harsh yellows can induce a baby to cry and can be overstimulating to the developing brain. Make sure to use softer and pastel yellows.


Blue has been shown to be a restful and calming color-perfect for baby nap time! Like yellow, different shades of blue can have different effects. Make sure to use lighter and muted blues to motivate the baby to feel calm and sleepy, instead of dark blues that can be cold.


Green is another good color to go with. It is the color of nature and is meant to bring calmness and tranquility to the nursery. It also be refreshing and peaceful. Make sure to balance it out with complementary colors such as a nice soft red.

Neutral Colors

Any neutral color-beige, tan, white, cream, or brown-is good. They are meant to complement and relax the room. They can be a good base to balance the other colors on. They can actually “enhance” the nursery, making it seem larger.

Here are a couple colors that are not recommend to use in large amounts, if at all:


Although soft, almost pink, red is allowed, bright vivid crimson or related red is discouraged. Red can produce aggression, frustration, and crankiness. If red is to be used in the baby’s room, then a soft earthy red is recommended.


Black may seem sophisticated to some, but it will be viewed as depressing and dark to a baby. Try not to use any black or only a small amount.