Adorn the Nursery Room Decorations

The nursery has all the necessary components for a baby to live, play, and sleep while it lives in that room. A nursery has a very specific purpose and very specific furniture in the room. Learn about what a nursery typically contains.


Until a baby can safely rest in a bed, the crib is what a baby needs. A crib typically has a sleeping area with bars on either side and high headboards to ensure the baby doesn’t fall out of the crib. The crib can be decorated or plain, but it should always be safe. For decoration’s sake, the color of the crib should match or contrast nicely with the other colors in the room.

Changing Table

There should be a corner or a table where mom or dad can change baby’s diaper. The surface should be long and flat enough that a baby can fit comfortably. There should be baby changing supplies such as fresh diapers, wipes, powder and perhaps a toy or two for baby to chew on while you’re changing and disposing of the dirty diaper.


Most people recommend not stuffing the crib with toys and stuffed animals. However, that doesn’t mean that baby can’t have any toys. It simply means putting them in a safe place away from baby so he or she can’t easily get to them. Dedicate a corner of the room to stowing all the toys.

Different toys could be a variety of stuffed animals, such as a snugly teddy bear or a large giraffe. They could also be toys the baby can bang on that make noise or talk to the baby. That way, the baby could actually be learning as he or she is playing!


A mobile is a classic toy and diversion for baby. It typically consists of little animals or shapes spiraling around and giving the baby something to stare at and play with while he or she is in the crib.

Perhaps a lamp that turns on at night portraying stars whirling around might also provide some entertainment for your growing baby.

Make sure to give your baby what he or she needs so baby can learn and grow.