Adopt Nursery Room Themes

Many nursery rooms, in addition to the right colors, adopt a theme. It might be a theme that reflects what the parent loves and wants the baby to as well, or it simply might be what most parents are decorating their babies’ rooms with. However, themes can help a baby understand concepts and ideas faster because of associations of different things, such as jungles or oceans, which are both popular nursery themes.

Here is a list of some popular nursery themes:


Pirates are a fun theme to adopt because there are so many great things you can do with the theme! Typically things in a pirate theme can be a pirate, a parrot, a treasure chest, a ship, a treasure map, pretty jewels or gold coins, and much more. Help your child feel at home on the sea with his or her parrot friends.


Adaptable for both boys and girls, the castle theme is a classic. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a fairy tale where you’re the fairy princess or the brave knight? For girls, this can work with lots of pink, fairies, princesses, and pretty dresses. For boys, the theme is good with decorations of dragons, knights, castles, and horses. Allow your baby’s imagination to develop.


The jungle theme is very popular. Monkeys, tigers, giraffes and more can skate through the walls amid palm trees, coconut trees, and vines. Popular colors for this can be green, blue, tan, brown, or yellow. Let your baby imagine the heat of the jungle as he or she grows with this fun gender-neutral theme, perfect for boys and girls.


Disney is always a favorite theme with kids. Whether it’s the mouse that everyone knows, the adorable bear that loves honey, one of the many Disney Princesses, or even characters from your favorite Disney movies, it works. Let your baby know the magic of Disney from a young age.


The ocean, whether by the seashore or under the sea, is another popular theme. Soothing blues mix with fun greens and all matter of color pop out as fish, mer-people, and other marine animals come alive. For seashore themes, pictures of sand, buckets, waves, and sun work. For under the sea, shipwrecks, colorful fish, whales, starfish, mermaids, and more should be given equal reign.


For parents who are sports fans or even athletes themselves, sports is a popular theme. It tends to happen more with boys than girls, but any baby can wake up to images of baseballs, footballs, or basketballs bouncing on the walls. Make sure to color coordinate accordingly.


There are a variety of animals that are popular in nurseries. Bugs, frogs, mammals, and more all can enhance and enrich a child’s room. Choose a variety of similar and related animals that will help your child develop a love for animals and excitement. You might go for grassland animals of Africa, forest animals of the United States, or any other combination you can think of.

Whatever you decide on your nursery theme, make it fun and happy for baby!