3 Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Vinyl Blinds

Posted by on November 23, 2016 in Blog, Home & Garden | Comments Off on 3 Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Vinyl Blinds

If you have vinyl blinds that need a good deep cleaning, there are certain things that you can do to clean them as successfully as possible. This article will discuss 3 tips for deep cleaning your vinyl blinds. 

Soak Them In Your Tub

An effective way to deep clean your blinds is going to be to take them all down and one by one place them inside of your tub to soak. You will simply want to fill the tub with warm water and add some dish soap. This is going to help to break down all of the buildup on your blinds before you ever even touch them. Once you have allowed the blinds to soak for an hour or so, you will then use a wash cloth or scrubbing brush to remove anything that is still stuck onto your vinyl blinds. Once you are done, you can simply dry them off, hang them up, and then repeat the process with all of the other blinds in your home. 

Take Them Outside And Hose Them Off 

If your blinds are exceptionally dirty, then it may be better for you to take them outside to clean them. Doing this allows you to use your hose on them, and potentially use a pressurized nozzle on them that allows you to spray off dirt, bug guts, and other stains. Because you don’t want your blinds to be damaged while they are being cleaned outside, you are going to want to make sure that you place them inside of something that won’t scratch them, such as a kiddie pool. You will also want to make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on them using your hose nozzle, because this could cause them to become bent and/or broken. 

Use A Dusting Spray When They are Clean 

Once your vinyl blinds are completely clean, you are going to want to carefully dry them off using a towel. When your blinds have dried off all of the way, you will then want to spray them with a dusting spray. This is a spray that is going to help stop dust and dirt from sticking to your blinds. This effectively keeps them cleaner for a longer period of time. This is incredibly beneficial for you because it means that you aren’t going to have to take them down and deep clean them as often as you would otherwise have to. 

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