Stone Counter Stain Guide

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A stone countertop is an attractive and durable addition to any kitchen, but taking care of it can be a concern. Stone is a large investment, so it makes sense that you want it to last a lifetime. Knowing the tricks to preventing stains and keeping the countertop clean are keys to a gorgeous countertop. The following guide can help.

Do stone countertops need any type of treatment?

Your counter should have been sealed at the time of installation. Most suppliers or installers apply several layers of a durable stone sealer. You can verify the counter was sealed by dribbling water on it – if the water beads up then the countertop is sealed; if it soaks in, the counter needs a sealant application. The counter will also need periodic resealing. As soon as you notice water beginning to soak in instead of bead, either have a technician apply sealant or purchase a do-it-yourself stone sealant kit and apply it yourself.

How can stains be removed?

No matter how careful you are, eventually you will end up with a stain. Common stains like coffee, tea, juice, or wine can typically be removed with a soft cloth soaked in ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. Soap scum that is too difficult to rinse off can also be cleaned with this solution.

What about more severe stains?

Ammonia and peroxide may not remove all stains. For more stubborn stains, mix whiting powder with water to form a paste. Soak a couple of sheets of cheesecloth in the paste and lay them over the stain, using the cheesecloth as a poultice. Leave the poultice in place for a couple of days, changing it out if it becomes discolored. Check often and remove the poultice once the stained area has lightened to the color of the surrounding counter. Reseal afterward.

Is there a way to renew dull counters?

If the counters just appear to have an overall layer of grime that won’t come off, or if they seem scratched and dull, you need to invest in a superfine steel wool. You can then buff the counters lightly with the steel wool to remove the small scratches that are dulling the surface and catching dirt. You will need to reseal the countertops after this treatment.

If you have more questions about caring for your stone countertops, contact a company like Artisan Granite & Marble in your area. They can help you fix many issues that can affect your stone.