Until The Police Arrive: Surviving An Invasion

During a home invasion, your burglar alarm will likely be triggered, informing you of the invasion. If your alarm system is monitored, the police will also come to investigate the burglary. However, if the burglar is not deterred by the alarm, there will be a period before the police arrive when you will have to respond to the home invasion.

Don’t Open The Door

Some intruders try to trick you. For example, they may ask you to let them use a phone or they may claim to be a delivery man. If you are not expecting a package, do not open the door. Also, if you do talk to the individual, give the impression that you are not alone. Consider yelling “I’ll get it.”

Call The Police

Contact the police regardless of whether your alarm is monitored. Use an automatic phone dialer so that you can contact the authorities more quickly. This ensures that the police will be contacted even if something goes wrong with your alarm system. You do not need to speak with the police because all 911 hang-up calls are supposed to be investigated because of these situations.

Create A Safe Room

Have a safe room your family can immediately go to. The safe room should have a deadbolt lock. Make sure all of your family members are inside this room and shut and lock it. You may also want to keep a weapon inside.

Place a piece of furniture inside the safe room that can be slid to block the door. Place 4x4s next to the furniture to prevent it from being moved when someone tries to force the door open.

Train Your Children

Train your children on how to react to a home invasion. Teach your child to call 911, touch a panic button or how to escape and head to a neighbors house if there is a home invasion.

Attach A Key To A Glow Stick

Attach a spare key for your house to a key chain with a glow stick. Then, if the police arrive and need to enter your home, you may be able to toss the keys out of the window so they can enter your home quickly and more quietly.

Decide Whether You Should Fight The Intruder

If you encounter the intruder and you don’t believe you can defend yourself, act as if you are having breathing troubles and try not to look at the intruder. Make sure to follow instructions and to allow the intruder to take whatever he or she wants. For example, if the intruder asks you to open a safe, be sure to do so.

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