3 Fun Pieces Of Furniture To Add To Your Child’s Bedroom

If you are putting together your child’s bedroom, you will want to add pieces of furniture that make the room unique and fun for them. You will, of course, have the usual pieces of furniture in their bedroom, like their dresser, bed, and nightstand, but these extra unique pieces add a bit more personalization to the room. This article will discuss 3 fun pieces of furniture to add to your child’s bedroom, and what your child can use these pieces of furniture for. 

Toy Chest

Since your child is likely going to have a great deal of toys in their room, why not purchase a piece of furniture to hold them in. You can get a gorgeous toy chest that is made out of wood, and has been treated to avoid splinters. This chest will have a classic look to it, and it can have a hook and latch, so your child can easily open and close the chest. To personalize the toy chest even more, you and your child can paint it together and add customized decals, stencils, freehand paintings, etc. Your child will really enjoy having such a cool place to put all of their toys, and it may even motivate them to put their toys away more often.

Rocking Horse

Another classic piece of furniture that can provide your child with hours of fun in their room is a rocking horse. This is an excellent piece of furniture to add to your child’s room as well because it won’t take up too much room, and will be used by your child all of the time. This rocking horse will be made almost entirely out of wood, and can be painted to match the other pieces of furniture in their room. You can either purchase their rocking horse premade or you can have one custom made to fit your child’s size exactly. 


The last magical piece of furniture that you should add to your child’s room is a teepee. The uses for this teepee are endless and are only limited to your child’s imagination. The teepee can be used for reading, napping, drawing, make-believe play, and more. Many of the teepees can be purchased in different sizes so that they will fit children of different ages and sizes. You can also choose custom fabric to cover the outside of the teepee so that it matches the other colors and patterns in your child’s room. 

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How To Make Small Carpet Repairs On Your Own

If you damage a small piece of your carpet, you may be able to fix it yourself. It’s much easier, less time consuming and a lot less expensive to repair a small piece of carpeting on your own. However, if there is a large area you need to have repaired, it’s a lot better to have a professional carpet repair person take care of the job so you know the repair job won’t be obvious. To take care of small repairs on your own, follow the tips below:

For burn marks – If you have a small burn mark in your carpet, you may be able to repair it with a razor blade. You want to use the razor blade to cut the burned tips off the carpet. If the burn didn’t go to the bottom of the carpet, you can take a razor blade, hold it sideways and lightly chop directly under the burned pieces. You don’t want to simply cut them straight across or the mark will be obvious. Instead, you want to fray the cut marks so they blend in with the surrounding carpet better.

If you can see the mark in the carpet after following the instructions above, then you want to follow a few more steps. Go in a closet and cut out some pieces of carpet where it won’t be noticeable. Use a glue gun to apply small amounts of hot glue on what used to be the burn mark and stick the pieces of carpet to the glue. Do this until the entire repair mark is covered, and use small scissors to trim the excess down until you can’t see the repair anymore.

For other damage – If your carpet has another type of damage in a small area, you can repair it by replacing the damaged spot with fresh carpet. You want to take a cup and use it to cut a perfect circle around the damage with a razor blade or box cutter. Use that same cup to cut a matching hole out of a scrap of carpet. Take a piece of heavy-duty double-sided tape and place it on the padding where you removed the damaged carpet. Put the new piece of carpet on top and press down firmly. Hold the carpet in place for a few moments. Use your hand to scruff up the fibers and make the repair less noticeable

If you aren’t able to repair your carpet, you want to have a professional to do the job. One noticeable mark in your carpet can take from the appearance of the room, so contact a company like Creative Carpet & Flooring if there are any problems you can’t fix.

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