How To Handle 3 Common Moving Worries

If you are planning on moving to a new home soon, there are some things that might crop up in your mind. While these worries sometimes seem a little far-fetched, they might be stemming from things that could happen on moving day. Here are some common moving worries and how to handle them.

Your Friends Offered to Help and Backed Out

Unfortunately, this can happen, and there isn’t much you can do about plans that change. There are a lot of circumstances that could potentially keep your friends and family from helping you move. If it happens with a few days or weeks’ notice, you’re in luck, because there may still be time to schedule professional movers to help. While it does cost more, you won’t have to worry about more friends canceling on you. Many moving companies will have cancellations and can schedule your move with short notice.

The New House Isn’t Ready

What do you do if you have scheduled movers to help you on a specific day, already paid your deposit on the new house, and then you find out from the landlord that the house isn’t quite ready on moving day? This is a frustrating experience, and luckily one that doesn’t happen very often. However, if you are concerned that this is a possibility, make some plans now. Find a temporary storage unit you can use for your belongings that the movers can move your furniture and boxes to.

Many storage facilities offer large storage units that can accommodate all of your stuff. If this happens, you can go ahead and let the movers place your belongings in the storage unit, then move them to your home a few days later. If this happens, ask if the landlord will take some money off your rent in order to accommodate extra moving and storage fees.

Your Electricity Isn’t On Yet

While this isn’t a big issue, it is another one that can be frustrating. Even if you called the power company beforehand to be sure electricity is turned on when you move in, this isn’t always the case. If you get to the new house, unload the boxes, and realize the lights don’t turn on, don’t fret! Use this opportunity to have some family bonding time. Open the windows during the day to get as much natural light as possible. Before the sun goes down, light some candles around the house for ambiance. Sit together in the living room until it is bedtime and have a little inside camping fun. Order pizza and sleep together in the same room until the following day when your power is hopefully turned back on.

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