Tips For Creating A Cozy Patio Dining Area

As a homeowner, you have already implemented some of the foundations for the setting you want to make out of your home. You made sure you had quality windows in place before you installed window awnings. Your walls were sanded smooth before you painted them and hung your family photos.

Now you have a patio in place and you just want to turn it into a cozy outdoor dining area. The tips here can help you ensure that your outdoor dining area is everything you want it to be:

Make it Safe

Safety is always the number one concern, no matter what kind of project you’re looking at. In the case of outdoor dining areas, safety and decor can meet in order to provide a safe, but welcoming atmosphere.

  • Install an awning – Patio awnings are affordable options for those who want some outdoor covering, but don’t necessarily want to build a roof. They offer protection from the rain and sun, but can also limit potential problems with insects, like ticks dropping from the trees.
  • Plant flowers that repel insects – Whether you line the area with flower boxes or just strategically place some flower pots, fill them with plants like marigolds and lavender. Many insects are repelled by these plants, so you reduce concerns about insect infestations.
  • Add screens or fabric to the patio awnings – You cab buy or make removable screens or fabric to add to the awnings. When the nights are overcome with mosquitoes or you just want a bit of privacy, put the screens or fabric in place so you have a sort of screened in porch.

Make it Cozy

Now that you have taken a few measures for safety, it’s time to cozy up the area by being smart about your furniture and decor.

  • Use chairs that include pads for a more comfortable setting.
  • Cover the table with a table cloth rather than leaving it bare. Fabric always adds to the comfort level of an area and you can switch it out to match the holiday season.
  • Use soft lights. This is supposed to be a cozy area, so avoid harsh outdoor lights. Instead, consider hanging string lights from the awning and placing a flame free candle on the table so you get the atmosphere with no risk of problems with an open flame.

Before you know it, your plain patio will offer a welcoming atmosphere that will have you inviting guests over every weekend. Just be sure you have plenty of healthy treats on the grill to keep them coming back. To learn more, or if you just want to ask other questions, try contacting a company like Lehman Awning Co. and get more help.

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